Thursday, 15 October 2009

Infinite Zoom - Concept - The Self-Contained Universe

This project is being developed to visually represent Stephen Hawking's theory that the Universe or Multiverse (a multitude of Universes) is self-contained. In Hawkings Summer 2006 visit to Hong Kong he claimed, "the universe does not need a creator because time has no beginning in a self-contained universe."

Although I do not feel the need to get caught up in the old Creator debate, I do believe it's time that people believe what they want to believe whilst trying not to impose their beliefs on others.

I have chosen to follow the particular concept that the Universe is contained within ourselves. The largest thing known hidden within the smallest thing, repeated to infinity. This idea was implanted in my brain by "The Simpsons" creator Matt Groening.

You may wonder why I have chose to entitle this project "Infinte Zoom." These are two words I generally disagree with on an every day basis;

Zoom a technique rejected by filmmakers because it looks cheap. On the hand the idea of zooming in to something beyond human capabilities is a concept that can look spectacular.

The word "Infinity," simply means that there are no more numbers left to describe how big something is. My philosophy is that there is no such thing as infinity. My reason behind this believe is this; Imagine there is infinite space and infinite time which exists within that space, there is only a certain number of possible eventualities which can occur within infinity.

So there we have it Ladies and Gentleman, the Universe which we exist within is on a loop. This is the concept which I am trying to portray with this piece of work.

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