Sunday, 1 November 2009

Audio Track - Development

My partner, Kate is talented composer learning the skills and techniques of music techy at LCM. She obviously knows about what I am aiming to produce for this project as far as the visuals go, but when it comes to the audio I wouldn't know where to start. We have decided between us that a sort of downtempo/trip-hop genre would be best for this, taking influence from groups and producer like 'Massive Attack.' 'Air' and 'Blockhead.'

Within a week of us first discussing this she managed to get a spot on melody, using the malstrom synth in 'Reason' to create surreal sounds. Her mate at college tapped out a simple beat loop to which a heck of a lot of reverb was added, which has done it justice.

We've decided to get a female vocal artist for this track, Kate has put some recruitment posters up at the music college for anyone interested to get in touch. Apart from the vocals all the track is lacking is a nice bassline. Fortunately I have got a mate called Chris, he plays in a successful soul band and has been playing since before he could walk. He seems really excited about booking a recording studio out for a jam. Fingers crossed, it should all go to plan.

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