Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Post Production Techniques - After Effects

This shot nearly had to be compromised, thanks to some motion tracking image stabilization techniques in After Effects this shot is much smoother and can now be used. Filmed using a track and crane at college, the pivot on the crane was designed only for framing the shot shot it doesn't pivot smoothly, tracking whilst lowering the camera angle at the same time was a nightmare. After getting as smooth as we could we decided to film it without the pivot, however this was not good enough.

I decided to take the footage into After Effects and see what stabilize motion could do for this footage, it was much better after apply 4 trackers to the shakey footage.

Messing about with speed and motion blur in twixter makes any remaining bumps less obvious, however this needs to be completely smooth. One more run through motion tracker, this time using scale aswell as position, adding a feathered mask to smooth off the edges.

Twixter will be applied to this fully smooth cut later to make it more dramatic.

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