Sunday, 29 November 2009

Audio Track - Got Vocals - Bass on its Way - Development

We've got the vocals now and they have been added to the mix, it's sounding pretty good already. It's going to sound quality with a funky bassline behind it. We also have a date booked for the recoprding studio, the earliest we could get is Thursday 10th December. Although this is cutting it a bit fine as long as everything goes to plan there won't be any problems.

Kate has also informed me that one of her music production tutors, Marlon who has recently mixed and mastered tunes for 'Jamiroquai' has asked her if she wants him to do a mix for this track. He has already said he wants it to be mainly her input but with his finish, plus Marlon knows that this track is being produced in conjunction with a visual effects motion picture and wants to use the video as a reference to structure the song.

Because of this I need to get the video finished as much as possible by the time we have all the raw audio so not to keep him waiting.

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