Thursday, 19 November 2009

The Shoot

There wasn't a lot of time to be messing around taking pictures today, having a three hour window in which to set up, film and put everything back doesn't leave much spare time. The first hour was spent putting the seating away and setting up the shot, getting the lighting right etc.

The next hour was spent trying to film the shot using the crane and track whilst pivoting the camera from a birdseye view to standard. The reason this took so long is due to the pivot is meant for framing the shot, therefore it doesn't pivot smoothly. Tracking and lowering at the same time made it even more difficult to get the smooth cork-screw motion shot originally proposed.

In the end we decided to compromise the shot and forget about the pivot, this is a shame as the seamless camera movement will be lost right at the end. The final our was spent getting the point of view shots and the close ups. These were relatively straight forward, meaning we were able to get out just after four, as originally planned.

I would like to finish by saying a big big thanks to Tom Harrison and Matthew Burton for setting up and filming with me, Marcus (Adam) Sawyer for turning up at short notice and performing better than anticipated. Finally thanks to Mike Smith and Lynsey Oates for making sure my booking wasn't ignored by Business and Enterprise without all the people doing there bit on the day this shoot wouldn't have happened.

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